Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wiki-Toilet Humor and Wiki-doo's & dungs

Toilet humour or scatological humour is a type of off-colour humour dealing with defecation, urination, flatulence, regurgitation and other presumably disgusting bodily functions. Public reference to bodily functions is taboo in many
cultures. This genre also sees substantial crossover with sexual humour, such as
penis jokes.
Many researchers interpret toilet humour as a rejection of society's demand to reject the taboo. Laughing at toilet humour is thus seen as an act of rebellion.

Wikisaurus to the Rescue: Defecation

*edited for content: the more mundane entries removed

laying pipe
drop a chalupa
float a seabiscuit
hang a brown rat
negotiate the release of the chocolate hostage
see a man about a horse
casting Churchill's reflection (puffy cheeks + cigar = ...)
lay cable
send the big brown boat down the porcelain river
pinch a loaf
making brown
float a phantom barge
drop a hot stick
bowel movement
enjoy a Morebody
Drop the Cosby kids off at the pool
choke a darkie
drop bombs like Hiroshima
Take the Browns to the Super Bowl
twist off a jamacian
flex my browneye
stretch the cinnamon ring
answering the brown alert
wreck the toilet
dispatch one's cargo
take an Irish shave
crank an eight-ball
start a Hershey windstrom
download the brown report
barking spider having a cigar
make a bowl of brown stew
Bomb the porcelain sea
Download a brownload
Logging into the toilet and making a huge download
Erupting the anal volcano
Release a boneless brown troat back in the pond
drop the browns off at the superbowl
sending the brown bus down the hershey highway
Backing the big brown motorhome out of the garage
Giving birth to the Spineless Brownfish
Have an out-of-ass experience
Getting a poo boner
Making butt bread
Solid fart
Launching the Fudge Canoe
Give the Tidy Bowl man a brown friend
Unloading a batch of cigars
Fire Aft Torpedoes
Emptying the lower colon
sprinkling feces in the tidy bowl
having a Castro
stretching the anus
expel some brown waste
cut the monkey's tail
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making charlie brown, working out the doo-doo squeezer, Going down to brown town, makin' doo, making a brown burrito, Making a delivery at the fudge factory, makin' brown, doing the brown town shuffle, making foeces, Pulling a brown-town turnaround, dooing the doo, Letting out a brown shout, The 21 dung salute, The charge of the brown brigade, Lighting a brown fire, making stink, Opening the flood gates, Bringing on the brown, dropping a stool, baking a brown layer cake, wrestling the brown bear, Plopping a drop, Sinking the Brown Bess, Dropping a brown pound, Squeezing out the burned beef brisket, Basting the bowl, Laying down the brown, releasing some soil, Deploying the Brown Bomb.

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