Thursday, February 7, 2008

Welcome to Brown Town

Another shitty day in brown town.

I heard a rap tap tapping at my cellar door
And what do you you know
Charlie Brown rolled into town
Afumblin' and Afartin'
Charlie Brown smelled s0mething rotten

Brown and pungent, Who's that rapping?
Rapping at my back door?
Why! its semi- solid steve
Hark!,there steven
You gave me such a start
You set me all a-screamin'

Tap, Tap, Tap
Who's that farting at my chamber door
Why its only sally
Good olde sally-Fluid as ever
And just a bit too clever
Oh that sally! Always sassy
When she comes over like molasse(s)

And hark! I hear a knocking
Who's that spider barking?
Who's that piper pipping?
Why its good old Larry
You remember Larry?
-Solid yet uncomfortable
-Viscous and insufferable

Good old Larry -
It was you rapping at my chamber door
I'd know you by your stench,
or the way you make my checks clench.
Good old Larry-
Can't you see I've got a hunch
This rapping at my rear
Really makes my panties bunch
And if you keep up that racket
Your sure to get a brownish packet

A rap, Ah tap, ah tip, tap tapping
Who's that crapping by my chamber door
Why its only Thomas,
Thomas Brown & Honest
Tommy-Tom you've dropped your bomb
But now its time to pucker up
And keep it in Because
if you dare squeeze out
Another putrid drop
I might be forced to
let loose from my rear
A nasty pop, a squirting plop, or
A drowsy drop might just appear

Have it your way Tom
But all your bombs
Cannot but stop
The Brown-glorious arrival
of his emminence
Lord Pooping-stuff,
Commissioner of Caca,
Disseminator of Doodoo,
Professor of Pooping,
Sultan of Stool,
Guardian of Guano,
Bishop of Brown,
Chancellor of Coprology,
Duke of Dung,
Emissary of Excrement
Purveyor of Poo-poo
Bailiff of Bowel Motion
Viscount of Vile
Dean of Diarhea
Prime-mover of poop
Steward of Stink
Foreman of Farts
Captain of Colons

And still what do I hear?
but a rapping at my backmost door

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